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Spring Cleaning and Planning

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Spring Cleaning and Planning

Spring cleaning your media lists

 Media lists are both a PR person’s best friend and nemesis. Media constantly move and shuffle, so it is crucial that your media lists are not stagnant and constantly reviewed.

 Depending on your clients and areas of expertise, you will likely be in more regular contact with certain media over others. A good way to keep in touch and also build positive relations with media is to touch base with contacts from time to time - see what they are up to, if there’s anything of interest you or they have coming down the line and take it from there. You will have an updated media list, but you’ll also be proactively planning and laying the foundation for future activity.

 April showers bring May flowers

 The beginning of Q2 can be a peculiar time for clients and their agencies. You enter the new year with stealth and speed, but as the year rolls on, fatigue can occur if flexible planning is not taking place. Whether you are the client or the agency, take the opportunity to review your plan for the year. Be sure to be as reactive as you are proactive, as opportunities and changes inevitably pop up throughout the year.


Just like updating your media contacts, take this opportunity to also catch up with your clients and see how they are doing. You may be able to assist with something new and commence planning for the next event or launch, in tandem with refreshing and adjusting your annual plan.