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Letting the Research Inform the Campaign

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Letting the Research Inform the Campaign

H+A Marketing + PR worked with the Banking and Payments Federation Ireland to launch FraudSMART and Ireland’s first Fraud Awareness Week. The campaign included national and local press coverage as well as an extensive social media strategy.

Before embarking on the campaign, H+A led qualitative and quantitative research in the areas of both business and consumer fraud in Ireland. These findings would pave the way for an informative and attention – grabbing campaign.

The research uncovered certain areas of neglect among businesses and members of the public such as:

  • Never using public Wi-Fi to access bank details.
  • The ability to know if a website is safe and secure to shop on.

H+A devised short videos and animations for social media use on these topics - quick, informative and simple. FraudSMART’s social media channels soon became hubs of quick-access information and a voice of authority amidst what can oftentimes be confusing topics.

During the course of Fraud Awareness Week, the videos and animations gained quite a lot of traction on social platforms, garnering over 150k views.