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Aligning a Brand with the Right Ambassador

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Aligning a Brand with the Right Ambassador

Aligning a brand with an ambassador who adds value to an established business can be difficult. In an era where there’s an ‘influencer’ around every corner, how does a business find a representative that complements the core business values?

Arrabawn Dairies recently launched their new fortified milk, Arrabawn Complete Milk which is fortified with 17 vitamins and minerals.  One 250ml glass per day gives you 100% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin D and is a great source of many other essential vitamins and minerals.

Arrabawn collaborated with Gearoid McInerney, Galway Senior Hurling team member and Padraic Maher, Tipperary Senior Hurling team member for the launch.

Galway and Tipp went head to head to see who could make and flip the best pancake made with Arrabawn Complete Milk at the Lady Gregory Hotel, Gort, Galway.. The guys met with Head Chef Darren Hardiman, who put them through their paces in the kitchen showing them how to prepare the pancake batter and cook the pancakes. Footage of this epic battle can be seen here.

When asked why Gearoid chose to align himself with the Arrabawn brand and their newest product, Complete Milk, he said he drinks, “Up to 4 litres of milk in a day, my nutrition is important to me, I’m conscious of my protein intake and have to make sure my diet is healthy so that my body can withstand the high level of training required at senior hurling level.”

Finding an authentic voice to endorse your brand is the key to corporate storytelling and engaging your target market with a recognisable individual that ‘fits’ with the brand.