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Your Marketing Spring Clean and How It Can Help Your Business

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Your Marketing Spring Clean and How It Can Help Your Business

As we awaken from a January that seemed to last an eternity, we enter into the season of new beginnings and for many - time for the annual Spring Clean.  When we consider the health and wellness benefits that are reputed to come from a serious decluttering and reorganising of our home environment, there’s a lot there that can be equally attributed to the process of strategically reviewing your marketing function, a marketing spring clean if you like!

Take a look at the top 5 reasons to spring clean and see if like me, they inspire you to revisit your marketing plan for 2018. 

1: Increased productivity.

Making the effort to declutter your home can help your become more productive as you no longer spend time searching for those elusive items. It’s good to clear-out, if you haven’t used something since your last spring clean, you probably do not need it. It can also help to identify a project that just isn’t working - it may be time to cut the resources and effort going towards this initiative. Re-directing your energies helps to yield better results elsewhere rather than forcing a redundant project and expecting a new outcome.  

2: Improved health.

A good spring clean will involve moving those larger pieces of furniture to ensure you’re really removing the allergens and dust that have built up, improving your overall health.

When it comes to your marketing mix, over time, certain elements will become difficult to change. When they have been ‘the way things are done’ and an embedded ‘way of working’ it can be a real challenge to tackle them. However, doing so will invariably unearth opportunities to improve the health of your business.

3: It makes you happy

When we take the time for a thorough spring clean in our home, many people report increases levels of fulfilment and happiness. In the same way, there’s immense satisfaction to be gained from taking the time to strategically view your business and gain new and insightful perspectives as an outcome. Also – you can make the whole process itself a more enjoyable experience by employing fun planning activities, such as: http://brainzooming.com/5-fun-strategic-planning-activities/23337/ 

4: Reduces stress

A more organised home environment will relieve stress and the act of cleaning itself is often considered therapeutic. The important element here is to be realistic and not take on more than you can do. This is also true for your marketing spring clean. When you strategically plan, you are able to reconcile your available resources to the requisite activity. Doing this enables you to clearly see that which is achievable. Being realistic in this way, allows you to work to manageable expectations which will actively reduce stress.

5: Helps you to focus

When you spring clean, you clear your mind of the things in your home that needed to be done, allowing you to focus on more important things. For the process itself, if you concentrate on one room at a time, you will get the job done much more effectively. Now consider your marketing spring clean: When you audit your marketing mix and establish a robust future plan, you will effectively free up your time and energy to be able to focus on other areas within your business.

The key in marketing planning is to have consensus on the desired end goal. This goal breaks down into a set of objectives, with each objective having a strategic initiative that needs to be delivered to achieve it. Finally, these initiatives should breakdown again into tactical activities. Structuring your marketing plan in this way, allows you to focus on each component part in its own right – driving optimal results.

So, there you have it…...lets expand on how we engage with the season of rebirth and let this time of year become an opportunity for us to get our marketing strategy structured and optimised for the year ahead. Let the cleaning commence!