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New Trends in PR

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New Trends in PR

Now that we’re officially in spring it’s time to assess the rumoured public relations and marketing trends for 2018.

Do I really need PR?:

Many seem to believe that social media or digital marketing can replace the PR function however, there’s still a huge need for third party endorsement and strong media relations to get a company’s story told. The PR industry is also using its understanding of engaging content in the digital sphere, ensuring it evolves with client needs.

Blurred Lines:

The blurred lines between paid and earned media continue to grow yet; earned media alone may not be enough in todays’ competitive social content landscape. The case is out on whether PR should only operate under the earned category. PR professionals are using their skills and understanding of paid content to amplify earned media. For example, branded content continues to engage target audiences through meaningful story-telling.

Influencers & Influencer Marketing:

According to the PRII, influencers and influencer marketing will undergo some change over the coming year. The use of influencers to endorse products and services has grown rapidly over the last few years. This form of advertising has, again, blurred the lines of third party endorsement and advertising. Rumour has it that increased regulation is to be implemented in the influencer marketing realm, distinguishing the honest endorsement from paid placement.


Video continues to be the top of the content chain. It is cited as the most effective type of content in the PR and marketing landscape. Experts predict that video content will account for 82% of web traffic by 2021.