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A Year in PR

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A Year in PR

A lot can happen in a year, even more so when you have just completed your first year as a PR Account Executive in a busy and bustling agency. One our most recent recruits reflects on the past 12 months.

With national and international clients, I have been incredibly fortunate to learn from the best, all the while playing a part in some very special projects. Standouts include our work with Lyons Tea and Pieta, a really worthwhile and vital partnership. Lucozade Sport and the Made To Move campaign provided an exciting challenge that incorporated event management, social media and press liaison skills. Another highlight was the opportunity to be involved with the media activity around the launch of Cork Airport’s first ever direct transatlantic route to Boston Providence. Playing a role in such projects provides some vital lessons for any communications professional…

Time flies supersonically in an agency – The nature of agency work means jumping from job to job, in tandem with maintaining sublime work and juggling changing deadlines. When one job or event is complete, it is time to swiftly move on to the next. However, it is crucial to reflect on the work done. As well as learning lessons, it is very important to also acknowledge what worked well. In doing so, you can develop and take the learnings forward as well as continuing to build invaluable media relationships.

No two clients are the same - For an agency, clients are the lifeblood of all you do – That’s nothing new. What has really struck me is the cordial and rewarding rapport that can be built with a client. PR can get a tough time when compared to other communication and marketing functions. Earned media can be difficult to measure in tangible results, but generally a client will know and appreciate when you have gone above and beyond. After all, editorial coverage makes up for the difficulty in securing it, with the value and impact it has for your client.

Writing remains the core of PR - Regardless of an increasing and prolific use of social media in communications, core writing skills remain fundamental. You not only need to possess good writing skills, you also need to have the ability to recognise your audience and the platform you are reaching them on, all the while maintaining the authentic voice and values of your client. Being a part of an agency means that there is always someone at hand to sanity check your work. What’s more, someone can always offer a fresh and alternative perspective, that enhances content for your client.