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18 changes in 18 years of Marketing + PR

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18 changes in 18 years of Marketing + PR

The 21st century has seen the start of a new economy thanks to innovations and developments in technology. The nature of our work, both in marketing and PR, has continued to progress at an extraordinary pace. With H+A turning 18 this year, we have taken a look at 18 of the biggest advancements we've seen in the industry since the company was founded in 1999.

  1. Marketing communication channels have expanded to much more than radio, print and television.
  2. Social media have given PR pros the opportunity to build two-way comms and receive feedback from consumers.
  3. The concept of word of mouth has evolved. Consumers can now communicate with millions of people, sharing their reviews and opinions online, with a potential impact on a company's reputation.
  4. A social media strategy is now a non-negotiable for any brand or business.
  5. The rise of the 'influencer' has given PR pros the opportunity to get a third party endorsement outside of the normal media channels.
  6. With YouTube boasting just over one billion users, it is clear that the visual is becoming increasingly more important than the verbal.
  7. The focus of businesses has shifted dramatically in the last 18 years from product centricity to consumer centricity.
  8. With access to information now instantaneous and people having shorter attention spans, the consumers of today have changed.
  9. Content has become more compelling to attract the attention of consumers and accelerate the sales cycle.
  10. SEO and Analytics tools have allowed businesses to now easily recognise what online activities work well and which ones don't.
  11. Technological development is constant and rapid, with a virtual reality boom in the very near future, businesses have to be looking forward and preparing for what's to come.
  12. Big data is getting bigger, making it easier for businesses to uncover information that will open up the next opportunity or minimuse the next threat.
  13. With more and more users interacting online via their mobile device rather than desktop, content and advertising campaigns need to be optimised for mobile.
  14. In PR there is no longer a physical process with a media release but an online one with the possiblity to go live almost instantly.
  15. The press conference or media tour is also no more, except in special circumstances.
  16. Tracking media coverage is now much easier than ever with the access to circulation figures and online insights.
  17. The PR industry has evolved to churn out more than just press releases such as blogs, infographics, animations, videos etc.
  18. The need for an integrated process where marketing and PR cross function is necessary in today's communications climate.

While there have been many changes since the turn of the century, H+A continues to adapt and integrate innovations in all of our campaigns. The one common factor we adhere to is our attention to detail and deep understanding of our clients' needs and objectives. H+A strives to surpass client expectations and provide fully-integrated marketing and PR solutions.

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