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Case Study : Galway Rape Crisis Centre

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Case Study : Galway Rape Crisis Centre

Brand strategy for charities and not-for-profit organisations

For many charities and not-for-profit organisations, (NFPs), the development of a brand strategy is viewed as a superfluous task and an area of work that is prohibitive given the constant struggle to operate within limited time and cash resources.

However, the reality is that the charitable marketplace has become intensely competitive. There has also been high profile examples of NFP organisations leaving the public disillusioned as their actions fail to live up to their promises, compounding the need for clear messaging as to why you can trust us. With this in mind, rather than wondering if we can afford to develop a brand strategy, the question is, “can we afford not to?”

H+A recently worked with the Galway Rape Crisis Centre, (GRCC) on a strategic rebrand project. From the moment we interacted with the team at GRCC, it was clear that this was a group wholly united in their vision for what they want to achieve. Therefore, our role was to develop a brand strategy that aligned to this journey to bring their audiences along with them.

The first step was an audit to establish the starting position and thereafter, research, collaborative workshops and individual one-to-one interviews directed us in the creation of a Brand Strategy. The strategy established who the Galway Rape Crisis Centre are, what they believe, what they do, how they do it and who they help. Using this body of work, alongside a creative brief, informed the development of a new Brand Identity. This has become far more than a logo; it is the visual representation of all the outputs from our work. Along with the new tagline: ‘Services for Sexual Trauma and Abuse’, it  paves the way for a better understanding by all audiences as to the role Galway Rape Crisis Centre plays in its community. 

In creating the identity, the conversational speech bubble combines with the lower case g for a softer, personal approach. The tail of the g symbolises a supportive arm, or helping hand of empowerment, encouragement and expertise. This ‘helping hand’ is representative of the way GRCC provides support to those affected by sexual trauma or abuse to use their voice. The colour palette was selected to be gender-neutral. The range from light and bright to strong and solid represents the soft, caring aspects along with the robust support and framework aspects of the GRCC.

Commenting on the rebrand, Cathy Connolly Executive Director of Galway Rape Crisis Centre said; “We knew that awareness levels in our community were low when it came to truly understanding what our centre does, who we provide the services to and our critical need for support. However, before we embarked upon a communications plan, we needed to be sure of what we wanted to say, to who and how. Conducting this strategic rebrand with H+A has given us the clarity we needed and the tools required to effectively speak out and drive that awareness”

H+A are continuing to work with Galway Rape Crisis Centre on their communications activity and most recently supported the centre on the launch of their Annual Report.