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Playing a part in History with Cork Airport

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Playing a part in History with Cork Airport

On Saturday 1st July, history was made at Cork Airport. After 56 years of commercial travel, the tenacity of many and the dreams of others, Cork Airport's first ever direct transatlantic flight departed for Boston/Providence.

As well as the historic significance relevance of the inaugural service, the journey leading to the Big Day was paved with many side roads and hurdles; all of which Cork Airport and their incredible team worked to overcome.

From our PR perspective in H+A, the celebration and ceremony on Saturday was multifaceted, fast paced and most importantly, all things America! Vintage muscle cars, American footballers and cheerleaders who were sourced locally, added to the authenticity of the experience, all the while maintaining and highlighting a local flare to the day.

A well co-ordinated event provided for the smooth and efficient running of press shots, speeches, performance and ceremony. All ensuring that passenger and guest alike were fully looked after and informed amidst a busy international airport.

The signifcance of the day accompanied by atmosheric and dynamic press shots ensured local and national coverage across print, broadcast and social media.

H+A wishes Cork Airport and Norwegian continued success on the new route. As the only airport directly linking the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland's Ancient East, we are looking forward to seeing the impact that this route will have on inbound tourism and trade in Cork and the wider region.