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The importance of always knowing that you are in the right place

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The importance of always knowing that you are in the right place

Richie McCarthy gives us the low down on how digital is being shaped... 

With the ongoing development of social channels most businesses are now taking a positive and proactive decision to lean first on digital.

There is a temptation to blindly throw yourself feet first into the digital world because of the many success stories we read about, but without an informed strategy you could effectively be selling sand to the Saharans.

Digital offers more for less, but it requires a significant amount of industry knowledge, research, planning and reporting to be truly successful.

For most, the tried and tested methods of print, radio and OOH (Out of Home Advertising) are a safe bet as there is a fairly simple understanding of how each channel works. The most accessible digital platform for marketeers, although not always relevant, is Facebook; as most people have a personal account and an understanding of how it works.

This is where one of the biggest issues lies with digital. Facebook may be seen as the go to platform for digital advertising but it might not be where your market is, or where they want to hear about your products.

Take millennials as an example; these are the biggest consumers of digital media, but have in recent time flooded from Facebook as it becomes crowded with family photos, and what they see as interfering parents. This market is also inherently sceptical about advertising and will search out social channels that don’t allow advertising. Understanding this market and their online habits typically leads us to fashion blogs and a host of subculture news sites, and away from the obvious.

Monitising an investment in digital, targeting millennials, is all about keeping up with what's happening in the market and always being in the place that they want to be.

The digital journey can prove incredibly successful if well executed, however without the right knowledge, research and planning, the result can be poorly targeted campaigns and wasted budget. As with traditional marketing it is now even more important for every business to be in the right place at the right time with the right audience.

In an always-on culture the ability to truly embrace traditional and digital marketing in a strategic plan can bear huge benefits to any brand. Sports sponsorship is a great example of where we can typically see this. For the likes of many Champions League main sponsors you will find traditional advertising on jerseys, OOH around stadiums, match day programmes, and also TV advertising.

Parts of these campaigns often target viewers on Twitter with clever hashtags, geo targeting digital and well-timed Facebook advertising. Combining both traditional and digital marketing in these instances has a multiplier effect for brand equity and becomes hyper-targeted.

Knowing that you are in the right place at the right time with the ability to stop, review and restart campaigns means that your campaign effectiveness will increase dramatically, and your brand will in turn increase its value and perception.