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H+A Marketing+PR


Our marketing teams have the skills and experience to recommend the right solution for your business whether you are a sole trader or a multi national consumer brand.

Can we fit in? - We are proud of the number of diverse sectors in which we operate successfully and this means we can always bring fresh insight to new clients industries and projects.

Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing is all about planning and insights

We use a mixture of briefing tools to get the best out of our clients combined with our own experience and industry leading consumer and business insights. This is the first step of every project we work on. We enable our clients to articulate their short- and long-term business and marketing objectives and then devise detailed plans to facilitate achievement and measurement of those objectives.

Market Research

Increasingly, real competitive advantage comes from better knowledge of your customers using market research

H+A Marketing + PR conduct both primary and secondary market research on behalf of our clients to gain a better understanding of their perception within their target audience. Using the market research we provide, you can also help companies to define their positioning in the market place in order to develop effective brand strategies.

Direct Marketing

The significance of direct marketing is growing

Its traditional role of lead generation and product or service introduction has evolved into building loyalty with customers, developing databases and nurturing relationships. The more you know about your customers, the better your communications to them.

H+A Marketing + PR achieve above-industry-standard response rates to the direct marketing we deliver due to our award-winning creative team and the understanding we have of our clients businesses and their target audience.

Consumer PR

Having worked with a multitude of leading consumer brands, H+A creates unique and stand-out public relations strategies for each and every one

Whether the objective is to affect public opinion, build brand loyalty, launch a new product, increase share of voice or go global; we will put together a strategy that is focused on adding value as well as achieving your goals. The breadth of experience in our consumer PR team allows us to think and behave differently so that we can deliver on our promises with unique initiatives that demand attention.

Creative news generation

We specialise in telling brand stories

We seek out the most interesting, the most newsworthy, the most unexpected angles and then find ways to explode these stories in a positive way among the right people and influencers. Not just journalists (although they are super important), but bloggers and other key voices who will help us spread word of mouth. We find ways to release the right publicity bounce in the right channels for our client brands and services. We pride ourselves on our creativity. Our brainstorms are legendary. And we promise to think about your brand like no-one else EVER has.

Press Office Engine

This is our bread and butter. We are newshounds, junkies, whatever you like to call us

We know who’s writing what, when and how they like to receive info. We know the whereabouts of the right journalists in several different channels - print, tv, radio, online and magazines. We specialize in new product launches and winning the hearts and minds of key influencers in media.


Sponsorship is a great tool

It’s expensive, so when you spend a lot of money on a sponsorship, you need to know that (a) it’s the right fit and (b) it will achieve the right response and level of awareness. We have negotiated successful sponsorships on behalf of Laya Healthcare, Avis, Bord na Mona, Carry Out, Kraft Foods to name but a few.

Corporate PR

Strategic Messaging and Communications Planning

Guiding an organisation’s business plans and objectives from the planning stage to successful implementation and completion can be a difficult process. H+A Marketing + PR has extensive experience of working with clients to best identify their communications requirements and structuring them so that they compliment and enhance the organisation’s overall business objectives

Media Training

Interactive media-training courses ensure that clients are prepared for, and fully equipped to deal with all media scenarios. Our training courses assist clients to approach media interviews as opportunities for delivering key messages, providing them with the tools and confidence needed to deal with the media in all its forms. Our courses are tailored to each client’s particular strengths or weaknesses and use extensive role-play.

Stakeholder Engagement

Structuring programmes for organisations to allow effective engagement with people who may be affected by the decisions it makes or can influence the implementation of its decisions is a particular expertise of ours. Stakeholder engagement can involve internal audiences, political audiences, competitors, neighbours and the general public.

Public Consultation

For the past 25 years, H+A Marketing and PR has played an integral part in helping clients successfully negotiate their way through Ireland’s planning, licensing and development processes. From the various stages of preparing and submitting a planning application, through the commissioning of Environmental Impact Assessments, and the development of comprehensive public awareness programmes, H+A Marketing and PR has provided invaluable strategic advice and expertise on numerous sensitive projects.

Media Relations

In a climate of ever increasing competition, effective media relations is an essential element of all PR campaigns. H+A Marketing + PR uses its constantly growing knowledge of media requirements and media trends to ensure that the style, type and level of exposure our clients receive closely matches their business objectives. Carefully targeted media lists, close contacts within the media, both on-line and traditional, well crafted releases and well thought-out photos all serve to deliver proven results for our clients.

Public Affairs

H+A Marketing + PR devises and implements campaigns to engage stakeholders in order to explain an organisation's policies and to lobby on issues which could impact upon the organisation's ability to operate successfully. This work combines key stakeholder analysis, government relations, media relations, issue management, corporate and social responsibility, information dissemination and strategic communications advice.

Crisis Management

How an organisation behaves and interacts in a crisis will have a positive or negative impact on its reputation. Responding quickly and appropriately in a crisis is critical, therefore, the communications response must be planned for and drilled in advance.

With years of experience in helping clients navigate their way through crisis situations, our industry knowledge and extensive media relations experience, allied with our hands-on crisis management involvement, ensures that clients receive the very best strategic advice and training.

Change Management

 H+A Marketing + PR has a particular expertise in the area of change management. A time of change can be particularly challenging and stressful for an organisation’s management team and its employees. We have a particular expertise in this area and have worked with clients helping them to implement significant change such as restructuring, redundancies or, ultimately, closure of their businesses.

Strategic Messaging

Guiding an organisation’s business plans and objectives from the planning stage to successful implementation and completion can be a difficult process. H+A Marketing + PR has extensive experience of working with clients to best identify their communications requirements and structuring them so that they compliment and enhance the organisation’s overall business objectives.


From the creative ideas right through to the TV, Radio, Online, Outdoor or Online advert and anything else you can think of.

Media planning & buying

H+A Marketing + PR buy media as part of a buying group of over €70 million

This gives our clients significant buying power without the need to invest heavily. Our insight, planning and buying experts talk to media owners every day meaning our clients receive the best advice at the right time and at the right price. It’s all about performance; you don’t need a great rate if none of your customers see the advert. We make sure our advertising hit the right people at the best rate in the market.


In 2002 we watched on average 34 TV adverts a day,
today its nearer 50

How the consumer interacts with TV is currently going through a revolution. On demand TV, time shift TV (that's Sky + to you and I) and the way content is now opened up to your PC, tablet, mobile, smart TVs and DVDs makes this a hugely exciting time for television advertising.


Radio is still a hard working part of any media plan

Whether your advert is direct response, brand building or awareness our media buying team can pick the right mix of national and local stations to achieve your objectives. We can even produce the advert for you, which will include script writing, recommended voice over artist, length, sound bed and distribution to all the stations.


Online is one of the most exciting and interactive channels we manage for our clients

Online advertising is the most measurable of all media and the most dynamic in terms of formats. In addition we can profile your target audience and their behaviour online so we can target them when they are most likely to buy your product or service.


Press continues to suffer as one of the hardest media to get effective return on your investment but still has a role to play as part of a larger media buy and still performs well in areas such as recruitment, retail and brand building. Buying in innovative ways, and with new and innovative formats, can still give your brand the cut through it craves in a very competitive market place.


Our designers are a creative multi-disciplined team with expertise in brand expression, identity design, interactive digital products and visual communication.

Our design services are informed by our strategic processes but inspired by the possibilities of communication and technology. We strive to innovate, and with perfect measurement, deliver the correct design solution for international brands.

Brand Expression

We create the language for a brand, empowering it to express itself.

Brand expression is the flourishing of a brand in a medium of choice. Every decision you will make about your brand will have an effect on how it is perceived. In all areas of branding we are the experts to advise you on those critical decisions. We have the talent and experience behind us of energising some of the world's largest brand, on a continuous sustained level, and we have a passion to create successful brands for our clients.

Corporate Communication

We bring corporate strategy into focus and help define the channels for communication

The ability to create and control the tone of engagement is a service our team provide through a method of communication and strategic design. Our communication techniques aim to transmit an experience.....because an experience is something that can last a lifetime.

Product and Packaging Design

Creative energy at the focal point of product delivery

Our holistic approach to branding and design becomes most powerful at the point of contact with customers. In terms of sales generation, design adds value that cannot be measured against retail solutions. Ensuring that packaging is designed and engineered, both in terms of brand expression and product transportation is critical to success. We are experts in assessing and integrating strategic marketing concepts and packaging solutions.

Visual Design

Our designers enlighten, entertain and inspire; imbuing brands to move forward into a strategised destiny.

The ability of our design team to create world class visual design, concept development and execution allows our clients to compete on an international level. Our team of strategists and marketers know the design standards of international markets…because we have helped set them. Our design team can entertain, WOW!, intrigue, and communicate brand strategies with flare and style.


The key to Digital Marketing is customer interaction, enhancing the overall experience for the customer, and ultimately engaging with the customer in a way that other forms of (non-digital) media are unable to do.

The best way to define ‘Digital Marketing’ is to identify what it is not; Traditional marketing channels such as print, radio, TV and billboards aren’t forms of digital marketing. These forms of communication don’t offer any opportunity for instant interaction, and this is what puts Digital Marketing in a realm of its own.

The internet has enabled companies to market themselves in a number of different digital media, e.g. web, e-mail, RSS and the spread of mobile technologies has taken this in a new direction with endless possibilities. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc) offers a greater level of customer interaction, and the ability to target specific customer groups.

Website Development

Our websites concepts are constantly evolving. We strive to always achieve the perfect balance between visually attractive designs and the functional aspect of your site; the information on your site needs to be easily accessible, but we make this journey as interesting and visually appealing as possible. A busy site, visually and functionally, will confuse your visitor, and the message you are trying to convey will get lost.

We build fully functional CMS websites, complete ecommerce solutions, and can adapt these to run on any handheld device. We chose our colour's and fonts, images and white-spaces very carefully, leading the visitor on a logical route, and tapping into both their conscious and sub-conscious thoughts while they navigate your site.

And at the end of the visit, they will depart with the information they had been looking for, having had an enjoyable experience searching for it.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is the way in which we use the web in all its glory to promote your brand, product, business etc. At H+A Marketing, we utilise various methods, we excel in each one of these, including Affiliate Marketing, Display / Interactive Advertising, Email Marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation.

What sets these apart from traditional marketing (newspaper, magazine, radio, TV), is that the potential is there for immediate customer interaction, and offers real-time reporting on individual campaigns. These methods of communication allow you to compete on a global scale, which other forms of traditional media would not.

Digital Presentations

Our in-house motion graphics team have the skills and expertise to animate and transport your brand into a rich media experience. From storyboarding your brand vision to delivering animated corporate communication presentations our designers and animators can create the perfect piece to inform and educate.

We have an expertise in creating a strategic digital immersive experience, where your brand becomes engaged by users within a branded digital hyper-reality.

Facebook and Mobile Apps

Mobile and facebook apps create an extra level of customer engagement with brands, this engagement is achieved through the interactivity between mobile user and the brand app.

 The more value you add, or features you provide on your app the greater the overall engagement will be. Custom mobile apps can highlight your best content, can create an improved shopping experience & will keep users engaged with your business. Facebook apps are useful for collecting customer data, through competitions and quizzes and also for spreading your brandname virally.

Here at H&A we develop innovative apps that are designed and developed to enhance the user experience & engage your customers with your brand. Our highly creative and enthusiastic team of developers & designers, expand and develop your good ideas into facebook and cross platform mobile apps.

Internal Comms

H+A Marketing+PR has two decades of experience in delivering world class Internal Communications solutions.

Our track record of working with customers in the US, the UK, and blue chip organisations throughout Ireland means that we have the ability to deliver real advantage to customers in the planning and implementation of their internal communications requirements.

Businesses need to ensure that those resources available to them are motivated and enabled to deliver above and beyond the average. Effective Internal Comms allows individual to understand the plan and engage fully in finding solutions to the fundamental business needs.

Social Media

Our highly experienced Community Managers deliver a wide range of social media services.

Depending on client requirement, we can provide education and training for to advise on best practice or we can deliver the complete solution across social monitoring, content planning, community management and reporting. Either way, H+A offer client companies the opportunity to reach the maximum potential that this medium can achieve for their business.

Education and training

We offer a range of training services in social media. We provide an introductory social media training service for companies or individuals that want to learn the basics of social media and how it can work for their business. We educate you on the growing trends on all the most popular social media sites and show you which ones will suit you and your industry.

Social monitoring

We monitor social media for conversations around your brand and your competitors. Our online monitoring service provides insight into the mentions around your brand and who you should be engaging with. We provide you with insight into what tone people are taking about your brand and seek to improve the positive mentions of your brand by engaging with the online communities.

Content development

A clearly defined social media strategy is the key to commercial success from social media. We provide a balanced content plan that is aligned to Facebook best practice. The type of posts and the timing of posts will optimise the reach and engagement that the page will generate. 

Community management

Our highly experienced community managers will ensure that social media adds value to your business. Our community managers use a mix of creative social media campaigns and long-term strategic engagement to ensure your social media presence grows and develops in a sustainable way.


We compile advanced social media reports that gives you insight into the growth of your page. Social media moves so quickly that it is important to always be learning from each post, this is why we compile research throughout the management of the page and alter our content curation style when needs be.