H+A Marketing+PR


Our approach is characterised by our determination to drive value to our clients’ bottom line through marketing and PR. We work with clients in a variety of ways, from short-term projects to the provision of long-termbolt-on marketing departments. To assist us in addressing the wide range of marketing challenges which we encounter, we have developed a unique process that we believe brings a valuable structure to our activities.
This is a six-step process, represented by our six-sided cube logo.


We will look for insights and competitive advantage on which a long-term, sustainable marketing strategy can be built for your business.

We will listen intensely to your brief and tap into our extensive bank of instinct and experience

We will educate ourselves through becoming immersed in your business - challenges and opportunities

We will not only think about your business as it has never been thought about before but deliver a strategy that brings this thinking to life

We will develop convincing and compelling creative to communicate your message in the most effective manner.

We will deliver on our promises: every day is D-day - deadline and delivery