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Jan 28, 2013

Reignite your creativity after your Christmas holidays

For those of you who struggle with the thought of getting back to work after the festive period, all is not lost. I have a remedy that can eat those January blues.

TAGS: Design 
Jan 23, 2013

Joe Connolly joins the board of leading marketing and PR agency

Galway hurling icon, Joe Connolly, has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director to H+A Marketing + PR, an award-winning marketing and PR agency with offices in Cork and Galway.

TAGS: Advertising 
Jan 20, 2013

To Pin or not to Pins

As someone who spends what most might deem an unhealthy amount of time on Pinterest, I figured it might be fitting to devote a little time to exploring why I love the latest social media darling so much. 

I think my Pinterest bio sums it all up: “Living my life vicariously through Pinterest, one pin at a time”.

TAGS: Social Media,  Digital 
Dec 20, 2012

Stunning Stunts of 2012

Publicity stunts can be a great way of getting noticed and getting some attention for your brand – they’re as old as the PR profession itself.

TAGS: Advertising,  Consumer PR 
Dec 20, 2012

Facebook vs. Google +.....the social media war

There is a new player in the social media scene, but will they last?

TAGS: Digital,  Social Media