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Dec 20, 2012

Stunning Stunts of 2012

Publicity stunts can be a great way of getting noticed and getting some attention for your brand – they’re as old as the PR profession itself.

TAGS: Advertising,  Consumer PR 
Dec 12, 2012

Signs you work in a PR, Marketing and Social Media Agency

Since I started working in H+A Marketing + PR earlier this year, I’ve noticed a variety of addictions, compulsions.

TAGS: Consumer PR,  Corporate PR,  Marketing 
Dec 12, 2012

Laya Healthercare TV Campaign

Monday, May 14th was one of the most important days in this year’s calendar for H+A Marketing + PR.


TAGS: Consumer PR,  Corporate PR,  Marketing 
Nov 30, 2012

PR leaders are impacting on business results

PR is more strategic than ever. There’s an increased understanding that a more comprehensive view of business is required in today’s marketplace.

TAGS: Consumer PR,  Corporate PR