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The week in social - January 8, 2016

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The week in social - January 8, 2016


Well here it is folks! The first big story to sweep through newsfeeds in the UK and Ireland and capture the hearts and minds of the 2016 world of Periscope.

But what could it be we hear you ask? A puzzle that engages viewers? An image that divides opinion? No. It was in fact, a puddle. Yes, you read that correctly. A puddle!

Right in the heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne a large puddle formed on a busy walkway which resulted in many people finding the idea of overcoming this watery obstacle quite challenging.

As we watched via the office window of user @drummondcentral, we could see numerous people appearing trying to figure out how they would pass the, not deep, but wide puddle. Many people braved the puddle by walking through, many had to take a running and jump. At one point there were even two young men swimming in the puddle. Curious bystanders included a news reporter and a Dominos pizza guy.

#DrummondPuddleWatch was trending on Twitter until late Thursday evening across the UK and Ireland with many brands jumping on the band wagon.

If this is what is to come from Periscope in 2016 we are ϋber excited!


Twitter #10K

There has been much speculation in the past few months that Twitter would increase it’s character limit from 140, however, it was never anticipated it would reach 10,000!

As stroies appeared online this week people took to the social media giant to voice their opinions using #10k. They were not happy.

Twitter as it stands is an already very noisy place and it is clear that people would be against this proposed change taking away from what makes the channel unique.

Many were voicing opinions that it is trying to be too much like Facebook. With no confirmation on any update yet we aren't too worried but will keep an eye out should there be any announcements. Meanwhile, we will continue to watch as brands and the general public voice their opinions in 140 characters.


Twitter New Celeb Inspired Tools


With award season fast approaching media and social media profiles are getting into gear to emerse themselves in every celeb moment they can. It would be a dream of any business to be included in the festivities the way that Samsung was in 2014 with the Ellen Degeneres selfie that received 3,337,055 retweets and 2,109,633 likes.

Twitter is one company hoping to be at the forefront of the award season with it’s new app additions just in time for the Golden Globes. The Twitter Mirror has graced the red carpet and back stage events for many years allowing celebs to take selfies and upload directly to Twitter. This year’s update allows fans to tweet a task they would like to see a celeb do and the celeb will grant this through the Twitter Mirror.

There will also be Q&A tool available where fans can ask celebs questions and celebs can reply their answer directly to Twitter.

In addition to these features the Twitter camera will be available to celebs where they can create GIFs and videos and post them directly to Twitter. Miley Cyrus was one celeb who enjoyed this feature in August 2015 at the VMA’s.


Instagram Spotlight Compilations



Instagram is fighting back at Snapchat with it’s own stories. Halloween saw the beginning of Spotlight Compilations. This is where the best videos related to a certain theme are showcased. These compilations can be seen in the explore tab on Instagram. See for example 'Skateboard' Spotlight Compilations below. We are looking forward to seeing this feature develop in 2016.