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The Week in Social - November 6, 2015

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The Week in Social - November 6, 2015


Picture courtesy of Peanuts on Twitter @Snoopy


Snapchats Snoopy

Snoopy is 65 years old and it still going strong. So strong in fact that he is gracing not only our movie screens in a new 20th Century Fox movie called `The Peanuts’ that will be released here in Ireland on Dec 11th, but also good old Snoopy is now dancing across our selfies in Snapchat with the cartoon theme tune playing in the background. 

Theme Tune

Beware though as it is only available for 24 hours and when it’s gone-it’s gone. Do not despair as it will be replaced by the next sponsored lens. There are ways to see old lenses if you really love them. 

Find out how here

Snapchat has stepped it up this year and we are loving the changes. Do you love the filters?

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Snapchats New Privacy Update


Do you read the terms and conditions when you update an app? Yes? Really? Apparently people do not scroll down the lengthy post they just click accept or agree, hoping and having faith in the company that make the app are going to be morally on your side. Well buyer beware and the terms & conditions in the Snapchat update need a read. One change being Snapchat can show users you’re REAL NAME and the REAL NAMES of your friends. So if your wish is to remain anonymous you might need to rethink your profile details.

Snapchat has over 100 million daily users.

They promise these users that they will not store their photos and videos on Snapchats database and are deleted once they have been read. If on the other hand you submit your video or photo to a `live’ story then you automatically give permission for that media to be used stored and replayed and for money to be made on that replay as Snapchat make revenue from both ads on replays and also charging for users to watch replays. The terms and conditions remind users that they are responsible for charges whilst watching replays and under 18’s should also ask a parent before clicking replay. In other words if you run up a big bill watching funny or interesting stories on Snapchat that is totally your own issue as you have been warned in the T&C’s that you never read in the first place.

Moral of the story-always read the terms and conditions.

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Easier Sharing on Facebook


It may seem like a tiny feature but is actually a vast improvement. You can now preview the whole post before you share it. Tag your friends. Choose your audience and even if you do not log in through the third party app with your Facebook credentials you can still share as normal. The interface looks more like you are sharing on Facebook itself and is an easier and smoother operation than before. 

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Do you heart Twitters hearts?

Love them or leave them the Twitter heart is here to stay. Gone and forgotten is the trusty star that could mean so much. If you `favoured’ a Tweet it could mean a multitude of emotions. Users’ favorited tweets and used it as a bookmark to read later. Clicking that star could mean you have seen the tweet and acknowledged its presence but not necessarily mean you liked or worse again hearted it. Why did Twitter make such a change? Well it might just be for marketing purposes. Twitter has been getting more advert based lately and finding out which content (Tweets) are actually liked would mean an easier way to target good content. Using a heart symbol clarifies that very simply.

Also making Twitter more user friendly has been on the cards this season and using a heart instead of a star is a step in the right direction for new users. The reactions have been split between hating the change and err, hearting it. Twitter say that you can say with a heart how you feel without missing a beat.

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