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The Week in Social - December 11th, 2015

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The Week in Social - December 11th, 2015

All Hail Teresa Mannion

Above and beyond the call of duty our petite Teresa Mannion battled storm Desmond in one of the most talked about weather reports of the year. While the wind and rain howled around her and almost took her off her feet Teresa continued to deliver a flawless dialogue while suffering the horrific conditions that storm Desmond brought in its course. Her report really showed the true strength of the weather conditions and if anyone was in any doubt this bulletin surely showed that it was a perfect evening to stay safe and indoors if at all possible.


Teresa’s heartfelt, in the moment, description of the weather conditions around her went viral overnight and thousands have shared the reporters 90 seconds of gritty determination to get the message across to those tuning in to the weather forecast.  

Of course it sparked the imaginations of the creative online users and parodies were made. Teresa, while being interviewed on Cork’s Red FM told KC she is taking it all in her stride and is enjoying the different mock ups coming on stream. Her favourite was the dance version made by Irish group Super Ceili and is looking forward to having a boogie to it at the Christmas party.

Listen to the remix here 

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LinkedIn's New Look


LinkedIn has redesigned their app, it now resembles other social media platforms such as Facebook. It's now more user friendly and makes it easier to connect with people, to share and like posts and helps you not to miss important updates with it's new features. 

LinkedIn promise the new search feature to be 300% faster and we love refurbished the messaging service. The more you use the app the more you will discover new features they have added in. Thank you LinkedIn we like it.

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We think it's safe to 2015 was the year of the emoji. The word emoji means “a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication”. So now you know what it means all you have to do now is figure out which one to use to match the emotion you are feeling. With a tiny amount of 845 characters commonly supported across most platforms to choose from it’s easy peasy! The top ten emojis used on Twitter are:


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Supersized Twitter Photos


At last, no more resizing photos for Twitter. or if you didnt already now you won't ever have to. Post your photo in the knowledge that there will be no cropping and your followers will be pleased not to have to click on your photo to see the new shoes you've been tweeting about. 

But let's not get over excited as its web only at the moment but at least we know supersized is on the way. 

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A fun Christmas song


Belfast Lass kills it with her own rendition of Mariah’s infamous Christmas song.

Jordan Humphries, a make up artist from Belfast sang what we are all thinking about the festive season. On Friday Dec 4th at 9.48am we officially stop caring what we eat and look forward to the festive treats. Apparently ! So Jordan is on point with her own version of ‘All I Want For Christmas’ by Mariah Carey. We love it !

Listen & Laugh here