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10 Things That Made Us Smile In 2015

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10 Things That Made Us Smile In 2015


Marriage Referendum

Yes, 2015 was the year we grew up. Ireland became the first country in the world to say a resounding YES to same sex marriage. This tiny island of ours paved the way for other nations by majority vote in favour of equality, decency and a respect for our fellow man. Who would have thought it?

How great is it that we, together as a nation, said a big NO to discrimination and an even bigger YES to civil rights. Well done us!

A sea of Irish lads & lassies made their way home from far and near to vote on this historic referendum. Using the hashtag #HomeToVote people could connect on social media and support each other’s journey. Similar to a world cup or Euro final, the Irish abroad begged and borrowed to make their way back home to have their say. The feeling that engulfed the country in the weeks surrounding May 23rd 2015 will never be forgotten.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said “Ireland is a small country with a big message”. Ireland said YES!

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Social Media Secures Free Pizza For A Year

This guy used Twitter to secure a free pizza every day for a year! The power of social media huh?! 

The O2 phone company ran a campaign offering a free pizza & ice cream if you tweeted the hashtag #waggytails with your address was hijacked by ThreeUK with the help of Twitter user Dan May. Cleverly Dan waged a pizza war between the two companies.

ThreeUK won the battle but O2 definitely won the war. Read the thread HERE.

Rugby World Cup

A sporting memory that will last for a long, long time. Unless you were living under a rock you’ll have surely been aware of the excitement that the Rugby brought us this year. The lift it gave the country was welcome and even non rugby supporters got in on the act.

Irish sporting teams are known for having the best fans around and during our time in the rugby world cup they did not disappoint. Cardiff was awash with green white and gold and the streets sang into the early hours.

The Ireland/Argentina game was brutal, bloody and highly entertaining. Yes we lost, but we went out with our heads held high. The stamina, determination, strength and honour our boys showed in that game will give pundits anecdotes to recall about for many years to come.

Paul O’Connell with 108 caps for Ireland emerged as the hero of the hour. After suffering a career ending injury against the French, Paddy Power erected a statue of him outside their Cardiff shop. The statue read: Paul O@Connell Putting the fear of God into opponents since 2002 PaddyPower. And how could we not mention Ian Madigan, proving that real men DO cry.



Come On You Boys In Green is synonymous with the Irish soccer team but this year it seemed to be hijacked by every team that pulled on the green of Ireland, and rightly so! It was a year that saw COYBIG follow both men’s & women’s rugby, football and every other imaginable sport.

From the ecstasy of Shane Long’s late winner against World Champions Germany to the rugby boys fantastic display against the French, COYBIG followed our teams everywhere!

It acted as a facilitator for online conversations around these sporting events – often accompanied by a shamrock emoji.

ICYMI here is the moment Shane Long was the cause for many a sore head/’sick day’ taken on the morning of Friday October 9th.



The year of the Emoji

We think it's safe to say 2015 was the year of the emoji. Emoji is defined as “a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication”. So now you know what it means all you have to do now is figure out which one to use. The top ten emojis used on Twitter this year were:

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Teresa Mannion - Reporter of the Year


Above and beyond the call of duty, our petite Teresa Mannion battled Storm Desmond in one of the most talked about news reports of the year. While the wind and rain howled around her, Teresa continued to deliver a hilariously professional report while suffering the horrific conditions that Storm Desmond brought. Her report really showed the true strength of the weather conditions and if anyone was in any doubt this bulletin surely showed that it was a perfect evening to stay safe and indoors if at all possible.

Teresa’s heartfelt description of the weather conditions had the nation doubled over, sparking a host of creative souls to remix the weather report into very catchy songs. Christmas number 1 we hear you say!

Teresa said that she is taking it all in her stride and is enjoying the different mock ups online. Her favourite was the dance version made by Irish group Super Ceili and is looking forward to having a boogie to it at the Christmas party. 

 See more HERE.


Postcard from the Edge-Of the Gealtacht


Sent in 2001 and kept lovingly by Ger Roche, this postcard has us all laughing! It popped up Ryan Tubridy’s Facebook page as part of a competition and has been shared over 1700 times so far. Ger’s son (29) was 13 when he sent it and we can only imagine how much he disliked the Gaeltacht at the time. Let’s hope he’s finally over the traumatic time. 

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Castletown Donkey Derby of 1994

This one tends to pop up every so often on Facebook. It made us laugh so much recently we had to include it! Just in the off chance that you’ve never come across it it’s well worth taking 8 mins out of your day to watch.


We wonder where they are now? Who is the reigning Castletown Donkey Derby Champion? Did Moseille ever manage to keep Kieran out of the bushes?  So many questions remain unanswered!

We’re sure you’ll enjoy this:


Cork Wakeboarder Takes Advantage Of The Aftermath Of Storm Desmond

David O’Caoimh wasted no time in getting in the water after storm Desmond flooded the Lee Fields in Cork. We have our board next to the back door for the next time the Lee bursts it’s banks, it looks like too much fun to leave to the pros. 

Check it out!


Bringing Irish Dancing to the Street

We couldn’t but recognise the work of these three lads who brought Irish dancing to the streets. Riverdance brought the traditional dance to the masses and these guys are pushing it forward yet again. Taken in the scenic surroundings of UCC by Brian Doherty and with a beautiful theme tune titled ‘Mind of a Beast’, this is one thing that definitely made us smile in 2015. Well done Keiran, Alan & Ciaran.